Programme "RETRO-BOOM!" for the Night of Museums

20 May 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In the Kaliningrad Amber Museum, the programme "RETRO-BOOM!" was offered to guests for the Night of Museums. Rain clouds that suddenly came and rain that began couldn't spoil good mood of the visitors. There were performances of jazz musicians, dancers, circus artists, photo shooting with participants of the cycle rally in retro style, with the legendary literary characters Ostap Bender and Ellochka the Cannibal, with attributes of the Soviet time – horn and drum, in corresponding costume – pioneer red scarf and red side-cap prepared for them.

"East Prussian Express" brought visitors to the journey through the exhibition of items produced at the Konigsberg State Amber Manufactory in the 1920–1940s. As a matter of fact, to catch interest of the public to the manufactory building, where after the restoration, branch of the Amber Museum will be placed, the programme "RETRO-BOOM!" was prepared using the style of that epoch. Spirit of the time was also delivered by the photo exhibition "Streets of the old city" showing pictures of Konigsberg before war.

Charming workers of the detective agency "Mouse Trap" offered the night visitors to take part in the investigation of the crime using the quest "Konigsberg Robbery". Everybody could have a bite in the cafe "Prohibition", try and buy a fashion hat by Kaliningrad designer Natalie Griner, to get acquainted with museum's showpieces, as well as contemporary works of Kaliningrad amber artists at the selling exhibition "Shadow economy". The event was concluded with the fire show "City Lights".


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