Lecture "Culture with names: for the 500th anniversary of Andreas Aurifaber"

3 December 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 29 November a lecture "Culture with names: for the 500th anniversary of Andreas Aurifaber" within the project "Amber in city's biography" took place in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum.

29 November 2013 is the 500th anniverdary of Andreas Aurifaber (1513–1559), author of the first monograph about amber (Succini historia, 1551), encyclopaedist, doctor of Duke Albert of Prussia. In his book he systemized material that shows interest to amber from positions of natural philosophy, mineralogy, medicine science and pharmacia of the 16th century. In years of living in Konigsberg (1545–1559) Aurifaber approved himself in all significant spheres of life of the city. e was diplomatic official and politician, doctor and pharmacist, writer and translator of classic texts, proffesor and pricipal of the university, bibliophile and Duke's consultant in castle library-building issues, as well as participant of religious discussions that took place within Lutheran Church in the 50s of the 16th century.

In connection with the anniversary of Andreas Aurifaber Kaliningrad Regional AMber Museum in cooperation with  Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library organizes a cyclus of lectures within the project "Amber in city's biography". Lecturer – project leader, senior scientific researcher of the Amber Museum, candidate of philosophical sciences Irina Polyakova.

Next lecture "Amber in medicicine science and pharmacia of the Renaissance" and presentation of a new edition of the monograph "Andreas Aurifaber (1513–1559) and his History of amber" are held on 12 December 2013 at 17.00.

Free admission.



Press Office of the Amber Museum

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