Opening ceremony of "Alatyr 2013"

16 June 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 28th of June at 18-00 the opening ceremony of the Fifth International Biennial of Amber Artworks “Alatyr 2013” is held  in Kaliningrad Amber Museum, it includes: exhibition and competition "AquaTerra", scientific and practical conference “Amber and its imitations”, educational programme, publication of the catalogue. The artists from Germany, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and France will take part in the biennial this year. As always, Kaliningrad artists who work with amber take a significant place among them.

Theme of the competition – “AquaTerra”. UNESCO declared 2013 the International Year of Water Cooperation, that is very important for the Baltic Sea, which many states have the access to.

As usual, the educational programme will be implemented within the framework of the biennial: 25-27 of June. All curators, the members of the international jury will give workshops, read lectures in the Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College for the students who specialize in jewellery, design.

The scientific and practical conference “Amber and its imitations” will take place on the 27th of June at 10.00-17.00 (IKBFU in Nevskogo street, 14).

As a reminder, the First International Competition of Amber Artworks took place in 2005. Since then Kaliningrad amber museum gathers scientists, artists, leaders of the major European museums every two years. These meetings are very important: they contribute to the birth of new and creative ideas, sharing of knowledge, establishment of the contacts. The competition is traditionally attended by up to ten countries, not only of the Baltic Sea region, where amber takes a significant place since ancient times. Artists from France, Denmark, Italy are already involved in the “amber circle”.

The programme of the conference “Amber and its imitations” >>>

The educational programme  >>>

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