В Музее состоится лекция «Ювелирные материалы. Гранатовое семейство»

26 December 2013
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

A lecture "Jewellery materials. Garnet family" within the lecture series "Jewellery encyclopedia" takes place on 28 Deember at 11.00 in Kaliningrad Amber Museum. It will be conducted by the deputy director for research of the museum, art expert, candidate of pedagogical sciences Irina Toropova.

Garnets are the most popular jewellery stones. Red  fire pyrope, deep red and red-purple almandine, green demantoid, emerald green uvarovite, brown-red cinnamite and others have been shining in vrious jewellery  long since. Their highest popularity occurred in the 19th century, in the Victorian age people saw recipe of the eternal love and fidelity in this mineral.

Garnet crystals' shape resembles seeds of pomegranate tree, that where the name comes from. These stones occure in nature pretty often, however high quality specimens are rare.


Programm of the lecture series "Jewellery encyclopedia"


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