Results of the Sixth Regional Biennial

8 September 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Results of the Sixth Regional Biennial of Amber Artworks "Once Again about Paris...Impressions of an Artist" have been summed up in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. There were 95 works of 43 artists submitted for the contest.

Works were considered by the jury consisting of:

Natalia Voronova, director of the MAEI Chilkdren's Art School of the highest category, candidate of pedagogical sciences, member of the Union of Russian designers, member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

Vyacheslav Darvin, head of the Jewekry Studio "Darvin", board member of Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College.

Zoya Kostyashova, member of the International Association of Amber Craftsmen, member of the World Amber Council, leading research associate of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

Boris Mironov, Professor, chair of the Design Department of the I.Kant Baltic Federal University, member of the Union of Russian Artists, Honoured Artworker of Russian Federation.

Elena Toropova, art expert, candidate of art history, associate professor of the I.Kant Baltic Federal University, member of the Union of Russian Artists, member of the International Association of Art Experts AIS.

Awards are given to:

In the category "Window to Paris"


Alexander Sumerkin – for the composition "Parisian Corner", 2014 (amber; carving).

In the category "Skill"


Igor Nesterenko – for the composition "If only French fashionmongers would have...…", 2014 (amber, wood).

In the category "Debut"


Svetlana Belaya – for the jewellery set (pendant, ring) "Parisian Marzipan", 2014 (amber, yellow metal, plastics).


Jury diplomas:

"For the original composition and spacing" 

Natalia and Konstantin Domichkovskies – for the picture "Parisian Alleys", 2014 (wood, silver, amber);

"For the humorous replica to the theme "Paris-Kaliningrad"

Galina Syromyatnikova – for the composition "Meeting in the Violet Street", 2014 (amber, metal, wood);

"For mastery of execution"

Natalia Almazova – for the intaglio "Scent of the time", 2014 (amber);

"For the caring attitude to the material"

Lyubov Serebryakova, honoured artist of Russia, – for the table composition "A walk through Paris", 2014 (amber);

"For creation of the artistic image"

Tamara Emsen – for the necklace and earrings from the series "Stone with the bird's soul", 2013 (amber, metal);

"For the unveiling the luminious properties of amber"

Alexander Korolyov – for the candle holder "Pageboy", 2012 (amber, bone, beryllium-copper);

"For the good composition and colour"

Lyudmila Sakharova – for the pendant "A house in Argenteuil", 2014 (amber, metal, leather).


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