В Музее открывается персональная выставка художника Конрада Лаймера «Следы времени»

2 September 2013
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

Solo-exhibition of Italian goldsmith Konrad Laimer "Time traces" will be opened  in Kaliningrad Amber Museum at 17.00 on 6 September 2013.

There will be jewellery in the exposition made of natural materials, which are much older than the humankind. Bog oak and mammoth's bone put into modern mounts show  visitors how fast and at the same time limitless could be one of the main philosophy and physics concepts - time.

Visitors of the exhibition will have a chance to see the works made of such interesting material as horn, which form was interpreted by the artist into new constructions. Also Konrad Laimer has been always charmed by wood texture and plasticity of transformation. The unique beauty of these metamorphosis is "caught" by author and "incased" in silver.

Of course, the central place of the exposition is given to amber that gives the visitors a chance to learn actual Italian view at the sunstone.


Press-office of the Amber Museum

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