Opening of the regional biennial on 5 September

26 August 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 5 September at 17.00, opening of the Sixth Regional Biennial of Amber Artworks takes place in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. This year it has got a title "Once Again about Paris...Impressions of an Artist".

The chosen theme is not random – for five years, the museum has been working with French artists and cultural institutions. Thereby, over 30 Kaliningrad masters of decorative and applied arts have become participants of international exhibitions, plain airs, workshops held in Chartres, Cannes, Baccarat and of course in Paris..

"Mecca" for art people – Paris still is the place of originating and realization of creative ideas. Architecture, music, fashion, museums, as well as the atmosphere of this amazing city provoke to creation and self-perfection.

Artists of different generations and schools, even who have never been to Paris, found a place for its image in their creative work, but it is impossible to drain its inspiring power. Honoré de Balzac wrote about it: "Paris is an ocean...You can observe and describe it, do your best: no matter how many researchers there would be, how great there curiosity would be, but...there always will be some untouched area, unknown cave of pearls, flowers, monsters, something unimaginable...".

Participants of the biennial will present "amber" images of the famous city – their memories, impressions and fantasy in four contest categories: "Window to Paris", "Skill", "Experiment", "Debut".

Kaliningrad Regional Contest and Exhibition of Amber Artworks has been held since 2004 and is well-known in Russia and abroad. It arouses interest in artists, art experts, mineralogists, cultural specialists, admirers of the sunstone beauty of the whole world.

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