Blacksmith's Day in the museum

17 November 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

There were forge fires and hammering again on the territory by the Amber Museum entrance like during the plein-airs in artistic metal work. Only this time the occasion was different - masters of Donbass Blacksmith Guild offered to celebrate in such a way the Saints Cosmas and Damien Feast Day - Autumn Kuzminki that has been celebrated by blacksmiths as professional since old times. Their purpose was to draw attention of people to their profession, to achieve with such actions declaration of  this day as official state celebration or even international one.

Kaliningrad blacksmiths and the Amber Museum supported the initiative. All-comers to the museum's territory could see, how hands of master with help of fire and simple instruments turn a piece of metal into an object, as well as try to hammer out some simple thing - nail, spoon, fork - on their own on this day.

Besides Donetsk and Kaliningrad different events dedicated to the Blacksmith's Day took place in Saint Petersburg, Belgorod, Perm and other cities.

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