Alla Sarul has passed away

16 February 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Alla Sarul has passed away – our friend, partner and wonderful person. The most time of her life Alla dedicated to the noble work of researching and preserving the cultural heritage of our region.

From 1993 to 2013 Alla led the House museum of Hermann Brachert,  she was one of its originators. Thanks to her a humble small provincial museum on the Baltic Sea coast became the cultural center of  Svetlogorsk city district, the museum became known far гbeyond the borders of Kaliningrad region. During the time of her leadership the museum established strong connections with significant museums of Russia and Germany. For 20 years bits and pieces of the information about the artistry of the sculptor, who made a significant contribution to the culture of Königsberg, had been gathered.

In 2016 Alla Sarul, an Honoured Resident of Svetlogorsk, was awarded with the medal of Merit for the Kaliningrad Region. Alla had a rare gift of uniting talented and  concerned people around the museum. Her unique experience, huge knowledge continue and will continue to serve the museum's prosperity. Her name has been inscribed in the chronicle of the House museum and in the cultural history of Kaliningrad region.

We are mourning and expressing our condolences to the family and close ones.