A sculpture of the homelin grandma

27 September 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 27 September a sculpture of the homelin grandma was set in front of the entrance to the Amber Museum. Grandma's name has not been chosen yet, however it is known, that she takes care for cosiness at home and collects herbal tea. 

Her husband – grandpa – the citizens have named Carl. He waits for her on the Honey Bridge next to the Cathedral. 

During the year all 7 characters (grandpa, grandma, 2 children and 3 grandchildren) will be set in the key places of the city. In such a way there will be a new fairy-tale touristic route in our city! 

According to the legend, homelins are kind creatures that secretly live at people's homes, they are similar to house spirits. Over the course of their lives they have learnt to magnificently work amber and wood. 

And of course, in those places, where a homelin will settle, happiness and good will always be.

So we are very happy to have such a neighbour!😊