"Radiant Amber by Vyacheslav Mishin"

17 May 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Vyacheslav Mishin was born in 1944, has been living in Kaliningrad since 1946. Graduated from the Kazan State University. Worked in the Kaliningrad Marine Scientific  and Production Association for Commercial Fishery "MariNPO". In 1987 undertook a jewellery training in a public studio by Pavel Ivanov, Kaliningrad master. For many years Vyacheslav Mishin has been researching the optical qualities of amber. he was one of the first people who started to develop techniques of its cutting. "The colour of transparent honey amber, multiplied by the total inner reflection, gives it divine and magically attractive brightness of a piece of the Sun", – notices the master. Vyacheslav Mishin enters the Kaliningrad branch of the Creative Union of Russian Artists and the Kaliningrad Guild of Amber Craftsmen. As a renowned master, he partakes in Russian and international exhibitions of designer jewellery art.

You are welcome to see the exhibition "Radiant Amber by Vyacheslav Mishin" until 3 June.

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