"Power of the Earth – Gift of the Sun"

19 May 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 19 May production samples from collection of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine and one of the Amber Museum will be presented at the exhibition "Power of the Earth – Gift of the Sun".

Most part of the showpieces are works of the artists that cooperated with the combine in different years: Evgeniy Parkhomenko, Yuriy Leontiev, Gennadiy Losets, Vladimir Litvinko.

The concluding part of the exposition will show works of Kaliningrad masters, whose ideas will be used in mass production, as well as samples of series products.

In 2017 Kaliningrad Amber Combine is celebrating a jubilee – 70 years since the foundation day.

It was established on the resolution of the USSR government from 21 July 1947 based on the German mine of the Palmnicken deposit in Yantarniy. Kaliningrad Amber Combine is the world's only enterprise extracting amber industrially, and the Russia's only one having license for raw amber working.

Amber balance reserves within the Combine's mine allotment are estimated at over 150 000 tons. Considering existing extraction volume, it will be enough for the next 350 years. The average annual extraction volume over the recent years was 300 tons, it is planned to be 450 tons of raw amber in 2017. In 2004 an affiliated company JSC "Yantarniy Yuvelierprom" was founded. It is in charge of the mass production of works with amber. Range of the released production includes around 1300 items. Mostly it is amber jewellery and bijouterie.

The constant creative pursuit of the Combine's artists allows to make new contemporary collections entering jewellery markets of almost every region of the Russian Federation, however the most part of the works is sold in Kaliningrad oblast. The Amber Combine exports its production to Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Spain and Ukraine.

The combine pays considerable attention to popularization of the sunstone. Due to the successful realization of the programme of industrial tourism growth, over 20 000 persons visit the viewing platform of the Amber Combine mine and the demonstration hall showing mass production and designer works, as well as unique varieties of amber annually.

Main stages of establishing and evolution of Russian amber industry from the 1950s until nowadays will be shown at the exhibition that will continue to work until 25 June.

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