"Secrets of the Mastery"

2 January 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 2 to 12 January, workshops in decorative and applied art take place in the museum. They are organised in cooperation with the Regional House of Folk Art..

In the hall with the exhibition "Russian Silver Artworks from the 16th – early 20th centuries", there will be organised a small working area , where guests can not only observe the creative working process of masters of the Kaliningrad region, but also become its member.

On 2 January, there is a workshop by Alla Zhukova "Scraps from Blanket to Toy".

On 3 January, Anna Zhukovskaya is going to teach guests to work with Gerdauen enamel.

On 4 January, Natalia Vasilieva is going to make a New Year Tree decoration together with children.

On 5 January, Alyona Sviklan is going to teach the spangle embroidery.

On 6 January, Denis Chuev is going to show contour wood carving.

On Christmas, 7 January, Gennady Zubakov conducts a workshop in Gerdauen enamel.

On 8 January, Natalia Rodina is going to make folk dolls.

Next master classes are held on 11 and 12 January: on Saturday, Yulia Dvoinikova is going to teach felting, and on Sunday, Tatiana Buivolova is going to show tatting snow patterns (lace making).

Timing of the workshops: from 12.00 to 14.00.

Participation – by an entry ticket to the exhibition "Russian Silver artworks from the 16th – early 20th centuries", or by an entire ticket to the museum.