The First Regional Biennial of Photography

30 October 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum holds the First Regional Biennial of Photography dedicated to the memory of Mia Brachert wife of the famous German sculptor Hermann Brachert who left mark in history as a photographer this year.

It was she, who Alfred Rohde invited to create illustrations for his famous book Alfred Rohde. Bernstein ein deutscher Werkstoff. Seine künstlerische Verarbeitung vom Mittelalter bis zum 18. Jahrhundert. 1937 (Alfred Rohde. Amber – German material. Artistic working of it from Middle Ages till the 18th century. 1937).

Within the Biennial photo-artists are offered – as to Mia Brachert at her time – to create a series of images of amber objects for the purpose of preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the region. Each time it will be just one artwork. This year – "Mask" (amber, carving, 2004) by Igor Brasyunas (1955–2004) – one of the best amber carvers in Kaliningrad region, participant of regional and international exhibitions. The Composition "Mask" was made of amber, visual qualities of this material include a great variety of textural, coloristic and light effects. This art piece is a round sculpture, it has many angles that gives more possibilities for shooting of the object.

Within November 2014 every Monday the museum gives the opportunity to take photos of the object according to the schedule that is made based on telephone registration of photographers (460613) or during personal visit. Object's shooting and preservation control is made by the Amber Museum team members.

Amber art pieces are complicated to take photos of, and that is why it can be a mean that reveals mastership of the photograph's author, his\her ability to create "photo images" of objects, which will open its most expressive sides, using modern technologies.

Every photo artist presents at least three photographs for the competition: realistic photographs of the showpiece in black and white and colour variants, as well as result of the author's creative interpretation of the object. There are no conditions as size of the photo in centimeters and pixels, camera type (digital, film, i-phone), execution and others. Treatment, printing, execution of photos – at the expense of photo artists.

In December there will be an exhibition based on the results of the competition in the Amber Museum, where next to the object of photo-shooting pictures dedicated to it will be shown. Three best work in each nomination – "Black and white photo", "Colour photo", "Artistic photo image" – will be bought by the Amber Museum. Artists should present them as printed so in electronic format. These art pieces become property of the Amber Museum, which gets the right to use them in exhibitional and publishing work. Their authors will be able to use these images (in printed or electronic format) in their work with the exclusive reference "from the collection of Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum".

The Amber Museum, when bought works of photo artists for its collection, will be able to use them for decoration of the public spaces in its branch - in the building of the former Konigsberg State Amber Manufacture, for illustration of the books, production of post cards. Every piece of this production will have reference to its author.

Purposes and objectives of the competition:

  • fusion of value of the amber art pieces and abilities of photography art;
  • creation of collection of artistic amber art objects photography in the Amber Museum;
  • use of the photo collection in museum's exhibitional and publishing work;
  • activization of creation work in such spheres as artistic photography, creation of unique works from Baltic gem, museum activity in the region;
  • strengthening of the amber image as unique material using photography art.
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