Opening of the exhibition of dolls

19 December 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

There are dolls created in Germany in the 19–20th centuries at the exposition.

Owner of the collection Nadezhda Spirina told stories of every one of them at the opening of the exhibition. The oldest doll was produced in Ohrdruf at the Bahr and Proschild Factory in the late 19th century. Her eyes were made by specialists in glass prosthetic eyes for blind people using the paperweight technique. Of course, such eyes were very expensive, they were supplied to the famous German factories producing dolls of the highest class.

Another rare doll of the later time has sleeping-doll eyes mechanism. There was a new fashion – in the course of the game, girls wanted to put their dolls to sleep and their eyes had to close.

The doll in checked dress has an interesting destiny. She was moved from FRG to England as a war trophy at the Second World War.

Many showpieces are in a good shape, new socks and bows were made only for several of them. The toys were expensive, so children played with such dolls on holidays and under supervision of adults.

We invite residents and guests of Kaliningrad to visit the exhibition and dive into the atmosphere of a playing room.

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