Opening of the exhibition "Soul of a Tiger"

24 September 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The exhibition of decorative and applied art of China has began its work in the Amber Museum.​ The most part of the display is dedicated to lapidary. Artists from the People's Republic of China use not only traditional technique of manual treatment of amber, but also innovative methods – such as 3D modelling. An object "Sympathetic", bracelet "Xing Jing", an adornment picturing the goddess of mercy  – bodhisattva Guanyin, mind-teaser mosaic, and other showpieces of the exhibition verify the high level of lapidary skills  of masters from the Celestial Kingdom.

Combination of amber and metal is shown in the art works by a famous Beijing master Wang Yujie, in which the "sun stone" with an intaglio is framed in the "fine golden art" – filigree.

For 15 years, China has been producing amber items, combining traditional culture of decorative and applied art with Chinese costumes and accessories. In the exhibition, there is clothing from silken brocade with an image of a dragon embroidered with golden threads and decorated with amber. In the Ancient China dragon was a totemic mythological creature.

You can get acquainted with the exhibition "Soul of a Tiger" until 8 December.

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