Opening of the exhibition "Divine Painting"

26 May 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Exhibition "Divine Painting" was opened in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum on 26 May. There are works created by Kaliningrad amber artist Lyudmila Visotskaya in the exposition. 

Head of the Department for Arts, Museums and Educational Activity in the Cultural Sphere of the Ministry of Culture of Kaliningrad oblast Marina Sergeeva took part in the ceremony. She emphasized the high level of professionalism of works execution.

"The artist showed the beauty of the sunny stone in a very delicate, feminine way in her works", – mentioned Marina Sergeeva.  

In her speech, the chief conservator of the Amber Museum Irina Radinovich said that the exhibition name "Divine Painting" reflects the artist's admiration for the unique nature of the Baltic gem, its distinct texture, color and luminescence.

"Admiring the picturesque nature of amber, the artist has been collecting unique samples for many years, – told Irina Radinovich. – According to Lyudmila, author of the "picturesque master pieces" is the Higher Power that created the Universe filled with variety of Beauty. Amber is a small piece showing power and love of the Creator. That is why some amber wonderstones are presented as befits paintings – encased in frames and united with one common theme.

Lyudmila Visotskaya is a famous Kaliningrad stone-carving artist. Her works are distinguished with theme clarity and poetry, monumentality and special "heroness" of strong and courageous characters. She is a constant participant of international and All-Russian projects of the Amber Museum, the most important of which are the international biennial "Alatyr" and All-Russian Contest of Jewellery Art". 

Lyudmila Visotskaya was born on 4 October 1972 in the village of Yantarny, Kaliningrad Oblast, where she finished comprehensive and arts schools. Then Lyudmila studied at the Kaliningrad Work Training Center and Moscow Slavonic Institute. She has been involved in amber treatment since 1991. From 2000 the artist worked at the Kaliningrad Amber Factory, initially in the team for souvenirs making, and since 2003 – in the artists' atelier. Since that time Lyudmila started to participate in artistic exhibitions, she also entered the Creative Union of Russian Artists. From 2004 to 2010 she studied pedagogics and psychology at the I. Kant Russian State University (today – I.Kant BFU). In 2011, she graduated from Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College, Department of Decorative-Applied Art and Folk Crafts. Since 2014 she has been studied at the Department of Industrial Management of the Kaliningrad State Technical University.

The exhibition "Divine Painting' will work until 19 June 2016.

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