The exhibition "OGMA" was opened

7 November 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 3 November, the exhibition "OGMA" was opened in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. There are works created by the jewellery artist Grazvydas Kasparavicius (Kretinga, Lithuania) in the exposition. At the opening, guests could talk to the author of presented works.

Grazvydas Kasparavicius was born on 10 February 1968 in Kretinga in the family of jewellers. Amber as an artistic material has drawn his attention just recently. He has been working with it since 2010, in 2011 he was granted the title of Lithuanian National Master. As the artist says, the Baltic gem is an inexhaustible source of amazing discoveries, fantasy and laboratory of the mind.

The author considers the Universe as his spiritual master. Artist's creative creed is "I am the way I want to be". Independent and daring approach to the creation of jewellery artworks is the foundation of his individual artistic manner. Adornments made by G.Kasparavicius go beyond the jewellery or decorative and applied arts and turn into objects of jewellery sculpture and graphics.

The master uses amber with unique colour and texture characteristics putting it together with the volumetric and expressive metal surface. As if he proposes to se the sunstone in a new quality and raise up its Beauty to the level similar to the beauty of diamond. Artworks created by Kasparavicius are rich with complicated multi-layer symbolism, they send us to legends and fantastic worlds.

Expressive artistic qualities of amber – the most ancient material of the nature – the jeweller bends through the lens of his view of life, getting the opportunity to express his various author ides. The artist refers to his works as to amulets, giving them magical power.

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