Report presentation "Amber Coast Motives"

17 November 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Where is the Amber coast, Amber island, land of Amber? How was amber won on the Sambia Peninsula in times gone by? What did amber fishermen sing about?..

Everybody who is interested in musical and poetic interpretation of this theme by poets and composers of the late 18–19th centuries are invited to the report presentation of the project  "Amber Coast Motives"  of Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. The project was realized with the support of LLC "LUKOIL-KMN" in cooperation with Kaliningrad Regional Musical S.V.Rachmaninov College.  The event takes place on 29 November at 17.00 in the concert hall of the musical college at the address: Kaliningrad, Frunze Street 4.

Programme of the evening includes:

  • Speech of the Lithuanian historian Kistutis Subacius on the theme "Ancestors of Sudovians - the best amber fishermen on Sambia";
  • Musical and poetic composition "Amber Coast Motives". The performance is based on forgotten works of the Italian composer Gaspare Spontini (1774–1851), of the German composers Friedrich Heinrich Himmel (1765–1814), Alexander Fesca (1820–1849), Franz Glaeser (1798–1861), as well as modern music versions "Songs of amber fishermen" (these compositions will be presented for the first time). Poems about amber fishermen written by Liudvikas Reza (1776–1840) and Maximilian von Schenkendorf (1783–1817) in German and based on Lithuanian dainas will be also read in Russian for the first time;
  • Announcement of results of the music contest for the most interesting and original musical composition for the poems of L.Reza "Song of amber fishermen". Awarding of participants and winner of the contest.

Admission free.


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