Amber Museum won the grant of the V. Potanin Charitable Foundation

21 April 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum has won in the Grant contest "Museum Guide" of the V.Potanin Charitable Foundation, category "Country-Museum".

The Amber Museum's employee Gennadiy Semyonov submitted a project "Code of the City Structure Development from 13th until 21st Century" (lookaround exposition from the museum's tower) for the contest. The project's motto is "When the point of view was found...".

The Potanin Foundation granted 758500 rubles for its realization.

As known, the Amber Museum is located in the fortification tower of the 19th century – part of the Königsberg fortification ring. In 2017 the museum is opening access to the viewing platform on the tower roof. Panorama, that is seen from the height, gives the opportunity to see historical objects in the modern urban realm. That is a particular code of the city providing insight to the more complex complete entity – structure of territory development from 13th until 21st century. Architectural and landscape objects appeared there as a result of military or political events of their time. The information about them will be presented on stands located on the viewing platform of the museum: as old gravures, photographs and historical plans. It will be shown that the city is developing according to a code structure established within the period from 13th to 17th century.

City excursion to the viewing platform of the Dohna Tower will be a conceptually new touristic service in our region.

The project realization begins in August 2017. Start of the exposition is expected to happen in May of the next year.