"Amber Museum for Friends and Partners"

27 November 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

A evening programme for friends and partners was organized on 27 November in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

The event started with the tour through the museum. Guests visited the exhibitions "Amber: Myths and Science" and "Masterpieces of the Amber Collection".

Atmosphere of the event was created by the concert "Virtuoso Guitar". The Kaliningrad musicians Alexey and Kristina Bachinskies performed flamenco style and guitar classics compositions.

Director of the Amber Museum Tatyana Suvorova expressed acknowledgements to the friends and partners of the museum. Then there was a ceremony of delivery presentation of the Certificates of Appreciation and museum's books. 

The evening was concluded with the theatricalized fashion show of the designer collection. Designer – fashion artist Svetlana Orlova (laureate of the Kaliningrad mayor award "Inspiration"), stylist – Antonina Orlova. Text author Ellina Kapranchikova. 

Amber Museum expresses gratitude for participation in the event organization to:
musicians – Alexey and Kristina Bachinskies;
fashion artist Svetlana Orlova;
stylist Antonina Orlova;
coffee house "Melange".