"Museum in the Magic Book"

10 October 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The meeting was possible to happen thanks to the social project "Museum in the Magic Book", which has been realized since 2014. Around 20 members of the residential care "Zabota" were able to see pictures of the showpieces from the museum's collection – amber samples, unique works of the 17th–21st centuries and special codes for their 3-dimensional imaging. The interactive 3D exhibition enables one to have a close look at the showpieces that are usually behind the glass of show cases or kept in depository. "The Magic Book" arouses an interest not only of children, but also of adults. This form of presentation is important for those, whose state of health doesn't allow to visit the museum.

After the virtual excursion its every member took part in the workshop and make an amulet with amber for the memory.

The project "Museum in the Magic Book" was realized on the grant of President of the Russian Federation. The Amber Museum received it as laureate of the contest aimed to support creative projects of national significance in the sphere of culture and art.

From 2014 to 2017 the virtual collection was presented: to disabled children – participants of the project "Flowers of Life" of the charitable foundation "The Coast of Hope"; patients of the Children's Regional Hospital; children from the rehabilitation center for children with disabilities "Childhood", children's residential care for mentally disabled children "Small Country", Regional rehabilitation center for disabled people "New Horizons", psychoneurological sanatorium "Teremok and residential care "Zabota".