Themed lessons for students of 1–6 grades "Casket with jewellery"

6 November 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 4 November till 20 December 2014 Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum conducts themed lessons for students of 1–6 grades "Casket with jewelry".

Lessons are conducted at the exhibition "Women jewellery - beauty of the world" from the collection of Russian Museum of Ethnography (Saint Petersburg). Adornments (head dresses, rings, earrings, waist belts, fibulas, etc.) of different folks of Russia are presented in the exposition. They were made in different time - beginning from the 18th century till nowadays.

In an intelligible form a museum guide will tell about traditional women and men adornments, which had not just decorative meaning, but also contained information about marital status, person's age, about social status of the family, as well as were believed to be powerful protective amulet.

From the photo presentation students will find out, why Russian girls gave jewellery their grooms as a present, how heavy adornments of Baltic nations were, what kind of rings was popular among Buryat men and why flintsteel can be referred to jewellery. In team game students will try to match adornments with traditional national costume, thus they will seal the gained knowledge.

Registration per telephone: 53-82-19

Lesson duration – 50 minutes

Price of a lesson – 80 RUB per person

Group max 25 persons.