"Mosaic Fantasy of Zhanna Lopatkina"

28 September 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Exhibition of amber works "Mosaic Fantasy of Zhanna Lopatkina" opens on 2 October at 17.00 in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.  

Zhanna Lopatkina was born in Kaliningrad in 1970. She began to work with amber since the early 2000s. As her first teacher she looks on her husband Yuriy Lopatkin – famous Kaliningrad master. Significant influence on shaping of artist's creative ideals was made by the professional activities of Gennadiy Losets, honoured artist of Russia, holder of the M.E.Perkhin Grand Order of Carl Faberge Fund.

Zhanna Lopatkina completed a course at the Polish jeweller Jacek Skrzynski. She constantly attends workshops of foreign artists coming to Kaliningrad at the invitation of the Amber Museum. She also took part in the first cycle of the Russian part of the Italian Claudia Augusta Project "Jewellery Design: Naturns, Italy – Kaliningerad, Russia". Among project's teachers the artist emphasizes creativity and professional positions of Italian designers and jewellers Konrad Laimer and Barbara Paganin. In 2015 she started the study specializing in jewellery in the Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College. The artist takes an active part in the Amber Street Project that is aimed to revive the lost traditions of Baltic amber processing. 

Zhanna Lopatkina mastered numerous techniques and ways of amber processing during her career, but she considers the ability to genuine and thoughtful perception of nature for the most creative method: "Going through stones (amber), I look at them in such a way as only a child can – examining at the close distance their texture, colour, pattern and dream up my own stories creating interior objects, panels, jewelry".

Works created by Zhanna Lopatkina are in the collection of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum and some private collections.

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