Workshop within the ARTel Youth Project

27 September 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 27 September there will be the workshop in making a felt accessory within the ARTel Youth Project in the museum. The event will be started with the excursion through the exhibition of works by the French artist, head dresses designer, specialist in artistic embroidery Julie Mares. In the exposition there are costumes, jewellery decorated with beads, amber and Swarovski crystals. An independent direction of Julie Mares' work is creation of hats from felt, silk and other materials. In 2013 in the Amber Museum she presented a collection of accessories inspired by Russian ballet, illustrations by Ivan Bilibin, paintings by Vladimir Kush.

After the excursion all guests of the programme will have an opportunity to make a small accessory with embroidery inspired by the Van Gogh painting. The workshop will be conducted by the authors of the design project Mash&Hero, which specialises in making felt accessories inspired by famous works of art.

Seats are limited, the materials are included.

Registration for the workshop on the phone 53-82-19.

The programme starts at 18-40

Ticket price for the event – 100 rubles.