Lectures in October

19 October 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The traditional lecture series on jewellery is resumed at the Amber Museum. On Thursday, 19 October, the art expert, museum's deputy director for research, candidate of pedagogical sciences Irina Toropova will tell lecture guests about the Jewellery Museum in the German city Pforzheim.

History of the museum, that has celebrated its 250th anniversary, started in 1767, when a marcgrave Karl Friedrich von Baden established a Manufactory of Jewellery and Watches. Today Pforzheim is a world center of jewellery crafts, it has also another name – "The Golden City". There is one of the oldest museums of Europe and the world here, enterprises of jewellery industry, factory for professional equipment, and a university, where among the wide range of specialties there is also jewellery design. The museum's collection includes ornaments from the epoch of Ancient civilizations to the present days.

The lecture starts at 18.30.

Price of the ticket including ability to visit permanent exposition of the Amber Museum:
for adults – 200 RUB.
for students – 100 RUB.
for school students – 80 RUB

Inquiries: 53-82-19.
The event is accessible for disabled people.

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