Concert "A Day in November"

8 November 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 8 November in the Amber Museum, a guitar duet "Con Fuoco" will play, it consists of Aleksei Bachinskii and Kristina Bachinskaia. The programme of the music night, which was named by the performers "A Day in November", includes music pieces by Sergei Rudnev, Agustin Barrios, Leo Brouwer, and other composers.

The guitar duet completely follows its name: con fuoco  is an  Italian term, urging a performer to play flamingly, with fire. The wide scope of music played by Aleksei and Kristina Bachinskis includes music from various epochs and styles: gems of the world and guitar classics, fiery flamenco and nuevomenco, fascinating fingerstyle, and virtuoso own compositions will live in your hear for a long time.

The ensemble was established in August, 2015, and has become laureate of international competitions several times since..

Ticket price – 300 rubles.

Inquiries: 538219.

Programme of the Music Night in the Amber Museum
1. A. Bachinskii. Summer Journey.
2. J.L.Merlin. South Milonga.
3. S.Rudnev. Ragtime.
4. V.Shirokov. Coachman, Hold Your Horses!
5. S.Rudnev. A Small Farm Yard.
6. S.Rudnev. Oh, It is not the Night Yet.
7. A. Bachinskii. Flight of the Time.
8. L.Brouwer. A Day in November.
9. S. Rudnev. Black Eyes.
10. A. Barrios. Prelude.
11. А. Barrios. Waltz No 4.
12. A. Bachinskii. Carnival.
13. E.Gridiushko. Rain.
14. А. Shor. Storm.
15. J.Cook. Mario Takes a Walk.

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