21 May 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

This year our programme for the Night of Museums was dedicated to Japan. Traditionally, all Amber Museum's stages were used. Even before the start of the programme "Konnichiwa!"* there was a master class from the "Aikido Yoshinkan Federation" in front of the gates. Children and adults made throws and hits towards the crowd. At the same time participants of the cycle quest "Intermuseum Race" – the special project of the Amber Museum for those who's not ready to part with their two-wheeled horse even at night – were gathering at the gates. They were going to make a 20-km cycle tour and answer questions from history, geography, natural science from the museum specialists.

By the start of the programme at the gates, there was a huge line of entire ticket owners, as well as those who bought tickets only for our museum's programme. Guests were met  in the outer yard by kendo sportsmen – traditional Japanese fencing art – and members of the cosplay show. Then actresses from the Del theater came to the stage and showed a play in buto style – avant-garde style of contemporary dancing, appeared in Japan after the Second World War. Their performance repeated four times and it was especially impressive in the dark. A bright moment of our programme was the cosplay show from the Panicon festival. Young people in costumes of comics' and Japanese cartoons characters showed their looks and gladly were taken pictures of with guests.

A master class from the restaurant "ProSushi" took place in the inner yard. One could watch Ramen being cooked and also taste some Japanese traditional hot dish.

Rather cool weather on the Friday night was good for a visit to the museum exposition and observation of the amber showpieces. On the second floor there was an exhibition of fossil resins from the whole world "Garden of Stones" and a collection of amber items made by the Beoluna – Tokio Company.

People who know the permanent exposition were offered to take a quest, the sharpest won memorable gifts from the museum.

Honourable guest of the Night of Museums was professor Tomislav Šola, the world renowned museologist, one of the founders of this international action. He was accompanied by the director of the Amber Museum Tatiana Suvorova during the programme. Our museum was also visited by the Governor Anton Alikhanov and Minister for Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad oblast Andrey Ermak.

All guests went down to the basement floor, where an educational stage was placed. Calligraphy, Go game, origami, manga – it is not the full list of all master classes  for visitors of the "Japanese" Night of Museums. Tea ceremony and contemplation of amber in works from the DARVIN Jewellery Studio helped to have some rest between the activities.

The programme was concluded with an art fashion show "Eco-Sides" in front of the Amber Museum gates. Japan is one of those countries that actively solve ecological problems. Actors from the Del theater in costumes, made of utility waste, showed that a stage image can be created from any materials at hand – plastic bags, paper, wire.

We express gratitude to all our guests, partners, as well as volunteers for their participation and positive feedbacks!


Konnichiwa (Jap.) – Hello

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