Contest of Children's Creativity "The City I Live in"

28 February 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

For the sixth time, the Contest of Children's and Youth Creativity "The City I Live in" takes place at the Amber Museum.

Each of us has a favorite place in the city – a park or an esplanade, a yard or a street, a monument or an unusual house, which you like to look at. Do you like to walk around Kaliningrad and its vicinity? Do you have your favorite routes? Then this contest is for you! Try to tell about your city using pencils and paints.

You can picture a modern entertaining center or a frame-built house of the 19th century, a famous architectural monument or a quiet corner, dear and memorable to you personally. Works are considered in two categories – "Best Drawing" and "Best Painting".

Beside that, the Amber Museum in cooperation with the company "Escape Room" announce a new category this year – "Searching for the Amber Room". Tell about the history of creation or disappearance of "The Eighth Wonder of the World" or suggest your own version of location of the Amber Room and get a chance to win a special prize from the "Escape Rooms" company!

Authors of the best and the most original works will be awarded with prizes and presents. The museum also plans to use these drawings and paintings to print postcards, calendars and stickers.

You can bring your works to us to the museum until 25 May 2017.

Our address: 1 Marshal Vasilevskiy Street, 236016 Kaliningrad.

You can ask your questions on the phone: 53-82-19.




1.1. The Contest is conducted among school students (age: 6 – 17 years);

1.2. Students of educational institutions of different specializations, educates of orphan houses, fosters, social rehabilitation centers, private persons can be participants of the Contest.


2.1. Works should correspond the subject of the contest.

2.2. Works should be made by a child him/herself.

2.3. Works should not infringe copyright or allied rights, contravene the Russian Federation law.

2.4. Paintings and drawings are admitted for the contest.

2.5. Works having the format from A4 to A2 (inclusive of the mount) are admitted for the contest.

2.6. Works are admitted without frames and anti-frames.

2.7. Works should be presented until the deadline for submitting works (25 May 2017).

2.8. Each work should have a label, put in the way not to cover the work. A label should have:

  • Author's first and last name;
  • author's age;
  • work's title;
  • material and technique of execution;
  • name of the educational institution;
  • teacher's first and last name.

2.9. If there are more works by the same author or teacher, there should be an application with listed works.

2.10. Works that do not match the requirements will not be accepted for the contest.


3.1. All works will be considered by the jury consisting of over tree persons.

3.2. Works will be considered in three age groups – 6-9 years, 10-13 years and 14-17 years.

3.3. Works can be submitted in three categories:

  • "Best drawing";
  • "Best painting";
  • "Searching for the Amber Room";

3.4 Works submitted in the category "Searching for the Amber Room" are considered beyond the age groups.

3.5 Works will be considered using the following criteria:

  • compliance of the work with the subject of the contest;
  • originality;
  • independence of execution;
  • artistic level.

3.6 Authors of works won in their category will be awarded with diplomas and prizes.


4.1 Works are admitted for the contest until 25 May 2017.

4.2 Works are had to be brought to the Amber Museum, Department for Science- and Museum-Educational Work (office 20 of the museum's administration).

4.3 Opening of the contest exhibition takes place on 1 June 2017 within the special programme "The Sunny Circle" confined to the International Children's Day.

4.3 The exhibition of contest works will be held in the Amber Museum from 1 to 10 June 2017 in the exhibition space "Amber House".

4.4 Works should be taken away not later than 3 months after the end of the exhibition.


5.1 Results of the contest will be presented at the exhibition opening ceremony on 1 June 2017 and posted on the museum's web-site until 10 June 2017.

5.2 The museum reserves the right to publish works and names of the contest winners on the Internet (on the museum's web-site, on museum's pages in the social networks), in books and posters of the museum.

5.3 The museum reserves the right to use contest works to print stickers, postcards, calendars and other print media materials.

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