“Collection in the Space of Culture”

28 May 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum is presenting a new reviewed academic publication – a volume of proceedings of the international conference “Collection in the Space of Culture”, that was held in the museum from 18 to 21 September 2017.

The book considers the topical issues of the history of collections and collecting, existing approaches to organisation and interpretation of collections are analyses, resources of Russian and foreign Museums, as well as private collections, unknown to the wide audience, are introduced.

The proceedings are addressed to museum experts, historians of culture, collectors, and teachers.

You can find paper abstracts on the web-site following the link.

The presentation is held on 28 May 2019, at 17.00 in Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. We are inviting museum and cultural institutions workers, representatives of the academic community, private collectors.