Art Market has been held

2 July 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Art Market  was coincided with the Fourth All-Russian Contest of Jewellery and Stone-Carving Art in Kaliningrad.

Highlight of the day was the market of jewellery made by Kaliningrad young designers. They presented works made of glass in Tiffany technique, beads and strasses Swarovski, ceramics, brass, rare kinds of wood, minerals, petrified  lava, and, of course, amber. As this year the theme of the All-Russian contest is "Minerals of the World in the Art of Contemporary Artists", special attention was paid to the designer jewellery and adornments with natural stones. Despite the wind and bad weather, most of participants withstood the whole day.

For guests of the event there were master classes in making jewellery with amber and postcards, lettering and painting of whale-, anchor- and lighthouse-shaped wood pieces.

Everybody who loves cutting and gluing were invited to participate in the collage workshop, organized by the project Brush&Breakfast, which is part of the large international collage project TheCollageGarden. Its participants create a moving collage garden, whose conception was contrived by Miss.printed from Norway. This year Russia has taken up the garden torch. Guests of the Amber Museum's event created botanical collages, which will be sent to Moscow to become a part of the big garden in August.😉

Everybody who wanted played the intellectual and entertaining game from OMEGA QUIZ Kaliningrad! Omega Quiz is a quiz, in which its participants can broaden their horizons and show their best qualities – logic, erudition, intuition, humour. The sharpest ones received invitations to the game, as well as to the exhibition of works of the Fourth All-Russian Contest of Jewellery and Stone-Carving Art.

Outdoor enthusiasts took part in a cycle quest "Amber Pedals". Traveling around the city, the cyclists solved the tasks and visited places of the city related to the history of development of the amber industry. The market's partners – cafe "Magia Cofe" and "Dodo Pizza" – prepared special offers for the cycle game participants. The cycle quest winners received as gifts canvas bags with cross-section drawing of the Dohna Tower and stickers with the museum showpieces.

There is no market without music! So it was on this day, there was the most contemporary, juicy and merry music playing on the rampart,  Dj Morrison and Dj Greta Bowie were in charge of it.

There were free themed excursions "Mystery of the Fortress". They were conducted by Anna Smirnova, Head of the Scientific and Expositional Department of the Amber Museum. Kaliningrad residents and guests of the city went up to the viewing platform of the Dohna Tower and looked at the city from a bird's eye view.

We would like to heartily thank our partners and volunteers, who played a significant role in preparation and conduction of the Art Market. Despite the not summer-like weather, all participants and guests were satisfied.

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