Results of the Regional Literature Contest "Magic Word"

25 April 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Around 50 literature works were submitted for the contest "Magic Word". It was offered to children to compose their own works about amber – poems, fairy tales, stories, essays. Works were considered in three age groups – 10-12 years, 13-15 years and 16-17 years, – and in two categories: Best Poetry and Best Prose. In addition to that, the jury awarded some authors with special diplomas.

Winners of the Regional Youth Literature Contest "Magic Word":

Special diplomas

Valeria Mosina, School No 3 in Chernyakhovsk, the work "Amber"

Ksenia Khulga, School No 2, the work "Amber"

Alina Sheluntsova, School No 24, the work "Gift of the Sun"

Inna Srkova, School No 9, the work "Amber for Alyonka"


Main categories

Junior age group 

Best Poetry

1st place – Milena Dubchak, "School of the Future" in B.Isakovo, "The Baltic Legend"

2nd place – Anastasia Sbrodova, Mezhdurechie School, "The Tale of Amber"

3rd place – Violetta SHunyaeva, School No 9, "I Live in Seaside City"


Best Prose

1st place – Ilya Vigovskiy, Vladivostok Gymnasium No 2, "What the Colour of Kindness Is"

1st place – Aleksandra Volf, School No 2, "First Time at the Amber Museum" and "Amber Land"

2nd place – Elena Zaitseva, School No 9, "Residents of the Amber Town"

3rd place – Irina Selivanova, School No 7, "Fairy Tale is Close"


Middle Age Group

Best Poetry

1st place – Ulyana Rumyantseva, School No 4 in Baltiysk, "A Walk by the Sea"

2nd place – Yaroslav Bogatov, "School of the Future" in B.Isakovo, "History in Amber"

3rd place – Anastasia Nikitina, School No 9, "I Love the Sea..."


Best Prose

1st place – Svetlana Shapkina, School No 9, "Tears of the Sun"

2nd place – Violetta Markina, School No 9, "Legend of the Dryad"

3rd place – Yaroslav Bogatov, "School of the Future" in B.Isakovo, "The Giants' Jam"


Senior Age Group

Best Prose*

1st place – Viktoria Ventskute, School No 9, "The Girl with Amber Eyes"

2nd place – Olga Veselova, School No 9, "Tears"

3rd place – Alyona Sadovaya, School No 9, "My Favorite Amber Land"

*There was no awards in the category "Best Poetry" of the Senior Age Group.


The contest jury consisted of:

Maya Bogdanova, Deputy Director of the Kaliningrad Regional Youth Library named after A.P.Gaidar;

Valentina Solovyova, writer, member of the Russian Writers' Union, laureate of the Recognition Award;

Maya Zabolotnova, specialist in educational work of the Amber Museum.

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