Results of the biennial "Alatyr 2015"

29 June 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Results of the contest exhibition "Metaphysics of Light" of the Sixth International Biennial of Amber Artworks "Alatyr 2015" were resumed in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

The contest works were evaluated by the jury consisting of:

  • Andrzej Szadkowski (jury chairman) – artist, professor of Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, member of the Jewellers Association of the city Hanau (Germany);  honorable member of association of artist of jewellery forms (Warsaw, Poland); member of the international association of amber artists in Gdansk (Poland); member of the council of the International competition of young jewellers “Image and form” (Saint Petersburg, Russia).Lodz, Poland.
  • Аndrey Gilodo – art historian, manager of department of metal and stone of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, expert of Russian Ministry of Culture, member of British Royal Society of Jewellery Historians, member of National organization of art experts, honoured artworker of Russian Federation​. Moscow, Russia.
  • Julie Rey-Camet – General secretary of Job house (BOCI); vice-president Interprofessional council for bijouterie and time craft; spokesman of employer in the French association BJOP (PR); administrator and treasurer of Confederation of art craft and production of luxury items of France; member the 13th CPC (applied arts) of Ministry of education of France; member of chain CEDAP (Research center of directors of professional associations). Paris, France.
  • Mette Saabye – jeweller, designer, Boardmember of the Danish State Art foundation for crafts and design​. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Benno Simma – artist and designer, architect, design professor​. Bolzano, Italy.
  • Galina Kovalyova – member of the Artists’ Union of Russia, President of international fund of support of education and creativity of jewellery artists “Form”, jury president of international competitions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg​. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Having evaluated the contest works, the jury made a decision to award the following prizes:

Martin Messavilla, Italy – for the big and small necklaces "Lightbell" and ring "Lightpoint", 2015 (amber, silver, plastic).

Category "Skill":
Kirill Bor, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the tobacco pipe "Boy on the Dolphin", 2014 (natural amber, pressed amber; carving, coloration).

Category "Creation of Artistic Image":

Jaroslaw Kolec, Lodz, Poland – for the brooch "Light", 2015 (amber, silver; casting).

Olga Tsyplakova, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the brooch №3 from the set "Electron", 2015 (amber, metal, copper wire; author's technique).

Category "Innovation"

Susanne Elstner, Munich, Germany – for the brooch series "Of the Same Origin", 2015 (amber, charcoal, silver, steel).

Category "Poetry in Stone",
посвященной dedicated to the Year of Literature announced in Russia in 2015

Daria Nesterova, Togliatti, Russia – for the brooch series "Winged", 2015 (amber, ivory, bronze; carving, casting).

Special Jury Diplomas:

1. Аndrey Gilodo, Mette Saabye and Benno Simma awarded with their diploma "for the original innovative decision" – Gianluca Bartellone (Italy) for the brooch "Pampaque", 2015 (paper, amber, silver, pearl, steel);
2. Galina Kovalyova awarded with her diploma "for the professional and emotional usage of unique materials" – Angela Baduel-Chrispen (France) for the ring from the set "Appearance", 2015 (amber, fossilized wood, silver; carving, polishing);
3. Аndrzej Szadkowski awarded with his diploma "for the new construction in rings" – Adam Kaczmarek (Lodz, Poland) for the ring "Mobil", 2015 (amber, plastics; author's technique);
4. Julie Rey-Camet awarded with her diploma "for the balance and perspective" – Martin Pechlaner (Italy) for the brooch "Reflection", 2015 (amber, silver, alpaca, gold, marble). 

Special Diplomas of the biennial partners:

1. Special award from the general partner JSC "Yantarniy Yuvelirprom" and diploma in the special nomination "New Blood":
Kao Lin Studio, Moscow, Alexandra Petrova and Nikifor Ignatenko – for the usage of eco-friendly materials and popularization of the natural beauty of amber.
2. Hofman Literature award and diploma from the hotel "Hous of the Story-teller" and Kaliningrad Regional Organization of Writers:
Vyacheslav Zavarzin – for the composition "Ant's Feast", 2015 (amber; carving).
3. Special award and diplom from the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization of Entrepreneurs "Amber Union":
Vyacheslav Zavarzin – for the composition "Ant's Feast", 2015 (amber; carving).
4. Special award and diploma from the Kaliningrad Regional Branch of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia:
Tamara Emsen – for the set "Heritage", 2015 (amber, brass; casting, granulation).
5. Special award and diploma from the travel agency "Yunona":
Lyubov Serebryakova – for the set "Garnet", 2015 (amber, garnet, silver; hand-casting).
6. Special award and diploma from the travel agency "Yunona":
Lyudmila Sakharova – for the set "Lights of the Night City", 2015 (amber, silver).
7. Special award from the magazine "Solemn Occasion":
Alexandr Korolyov – for the casket "Delightful", 2015 (amber; carving).
8. Special award from the magazine "Jewel & Travel":
Christian Muehlbauer – for the necklace "Light Column", 2015 (amber, silver, leather).
9. Special award from the LLC "Bezkay":
Galina Syromyatnikova – for the pendant "Lightful Image", 2015 (amber, silver, mother-of-pearl, ivory; carving, sawing-out, engraving).
10. Special award from the LLC commercial manufacturing enterprise "Alk":
Christoph Straube – for the brooch series, 2015 (silver, amber, enamel, steel).
11. Special award from the Amber and Redwood Manufactory "Emelianov and Sons":
Ekaterina Artemieva – for the pendant "Prism. Spectrum", 2015 (silver, amber, quartz, cornelian, citrine, amazonite, turquoise, radioed jewellery alloy; casting, sawing-out, soldering, setting).

General partner of the biennial "Alatyr 2015"​:
JSC "Yantarniy Yuvelirprom", subsidiary of the JSC "Kaliningrad Amber Combine"
General media partner of the biennial "Alatyr 2015"​​:
Federal State Budgetary Institution "Editorial board of the Russian Newspaper"  
Project partners:
The State Hermitage  
Coca-Cola System 
Jewellery group "Smolensk Diamonds"  
OJSC "Yuvelirtorg"   
Amber and redwood manufactory "Emelianov and Sons"  
КKaliningrad Regional Public Entrepreneurs Organisation "Amber Union"  
PE Shishov S.I.
PE Trusov A.K.  
PE Arutyunova I.A.
OJSC "Konigsland"
OJSC commercial manufacturing enterprise "Alk"
Creative workshop of Kaliningrad artists "Prussian Honey" 
Agricultural production cooperative "Flor" and flower shops chain "Rosa"  
Kaliningrad Regional Organisation of Writers  
Publishing house "Baltic Magazines", magazine "Solemn Occasion"   
Кaliningrad Regional Branch of the Creative Russian Artists Union  
Travel agency "Yunona" 
Travel agency "Amber Mosaic"  
Restaurant "Reduit"  

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