"Stories in Jewellery"

19 April 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 19 April at 17.00 a solo exhibition of works by Tamara Beletskaia "Stories in Jewellery" is opening in the Amber Museum.​ The artist is going to present her collection of works from natural stones – amber, agate, jasper, topaz, nephrite, amethyst, turquoise, rock crystal, malachite.

In 2010 Tamara Beletskaia, famous in Kaliningrad fashion artist, turned to jewellery. For the eight years she has created a collection of natural stones consisting of over thousand pieces.

The exhibition "Stories in Jewellery" includes works created in the period from 2010 to 2019. The first items were made of Ural gemstones without amber. Gradually Tamara Beletskaia introduced amber in her adornments, which later would become her main stone. Amber delights the artist. Tamara appreciates its natural variety and constantly admires the abundance of images given by nature t the sun stone.

The collection consists of neck adornments – beads, necklaces, collars, pendants. The skill to combine amber with other materials is what helps to introduce unexpected material to her works – a key, watch mechanism, or a buckle from the 19th century, that fill the works with a new sense, turn objects of costume decor into independent art objects. Whereby the adornments keep their function. Many of her works the artist dedicated to the states of nature in different seasons, to the history of the city, legends. However the main theme of the author is love.

Tamara Beletskaia is a constant participant of regional and international contests and exhibitions organised by Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. Since 2011 there has been five solo exhibitions of the artist's works in the museum.

Works by Tamara Beletskaia will be presented in the Amber Museum until 23 June.

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