"Facets of Excellence"

14 December 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Exhibition "Facets of Excellence" is opened on 25 December at 17.00 in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. The exposition will present amber works from the "Amber House" Studio owned by the private entrepreneur Andrey Trusov.

Andrei Trusov was born on 31 October 1963 in the village of Primorye, Kaliningrad region. In 1986 he graduated from the Admiral F. F. Ushakov Baltic Higher Naval Institute. In 1996 he established the commercial manufacturing company "Amber House" as a small family business in the sphere of amber processing and advancement in the luxury amber products market. 

The range of the enterprise is regularly updated from original amber beads to masterpieces of the modern stone-carving art. The studio actively cooperates both with famous amber masters and with newcomers. 

For many years Andrey Trusov, who is carried away by the beauty of the Baltic gem, has formed his own collection with works of Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg artists who work with amber. The exposition "Facets of Excellence" will present works created by the known in Russia and abroad masters of stone-carving art Igor Brasyunas, Mikhail Vorobyov, Andrey Kavetsky, Vladimir Litvinko, Vadim Lopatkin, Yury Lopatkin, Anastasia Nikiforova, Evgeny Chekmarev, Alexander Yuritsyn.

For many years Andrey Trusov has been partner and participant of the regional and international projects organized by the Kaliningrad Amber Museum.

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