Contest of photography in the museum

20 October 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

We invite photographers to partake in the Second Regional Biennial of Photography dedicated to the memory of Mia Brachert, wife of the famous German sculptor Hermann Brachert. She left a mark in the history as photographer of amber artworks.

Contest participants are going to make photo etudes of amber objects – twin candlesticks. These are scientific reconstruction of the works created in Königsberg in the second half of the 16th century. They were made in 1999 at the LLC "Tsarskoe Selo Amber Workshop" (Saint Petersburg) based on the picture by Mia Brachert from the book written by Alfred Rohde "Amber. German Material" (Rohde A. Bernstein ein deutscher Werkstoff. Berlin, 1937), now they are part of the museum's collection. Until 1937, the originals were included in the Königsberg Castle's collection.

Amber works acquire a reputation for difficulties with its photo shooting, and that is why it can be means to revealing photographer's mastery and author's skill to create its "photo image" using contemporary technologies, unraveling additional expressive sides of the museum showpiece.

In December 2016, the twin candlesticks will be afforded to take photos of. During this month, photographers will be able to take photos every Monday (according to the schedule).

Contestants can take part in the groups: "Professional", "Student", "Amateur". Contest categories are "Black-and-white Photograph", "Colour Photograph", "Artistic Image". In February 2017, submitted pictures will be considered by the contest jury. Results will be announced at the exhibition opening.


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