"The Violet Street: from Paris to Kaliningrad"

9 September 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 9 September at 18.00 the exhibition "The Violet Street: from Paris to Kaliningrad" is opened in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. The exposition will present jewellery and bijouterie created by French jewellery artists united by the state trade union house BOCI ("Bijouterie. Items made of gold and silver. Gifts. Items made in workshops"). The organization was established in 1873 and currently includes around 140 enterprises and independent artists.

French art will be shown in Kaliningrad under support of the association "Un jour, un artisan...", which is continuously led by its president Jean-Claude Guillemot. There will be works of 11 artists demonstrated at the exhibition:  Thierry Gripoix, Frédéric Jaques, Cécile Chalvet, Jézabelle Froissart, Linda Lacroix, Louise Dagorne, Maxime Macchi, Philippe Ferrandis, Sundara Dufour, Thomas.V, Nicole Roux.

At the exhibition, visitors will be able to meet some authors of works distinguished with exquisite French style and complete professionalism of execution. Bright and elegant, traditional and creative works will make Kaliningrad citizens and guests dive into the creative atmosphere typical for the jewellery art of France that is constantly in the process of  its evolution.

Especially interesting is the variety of materials used by the authors. These are precious stones, and metals, and Swarovski crystals, and pearls, and textile and of course amber... . Association "Un jour, un artisan..." and Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum are connected with years of partner relationship. Thanks to this cooperation, French public got acquainted with creative work of Kaliningrad amber artists during the annual international salons of arts and crafts "Village Violet" in Paris, and citizens and guests of Kaliningrad – with works of French masters.

The project "The Violet Street: from Paris to Kaliningrad" has been realized by the Amber Museum since 2009. If the previous exhibitions of French artists were held within a short period of time, then the present one will bring joy to the audience for almost two months – until 30 October.

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