"Village Violet" in Paris

16 June 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Galina SYromyatnikova, Tamara Beletskaya and 14 masters of different art professions from the association "Aquarelle" will present their works from 22 to 25 June as part of the large delegation of Russian artists at the festival "Village Violet". This cultural event will be held in the 15th district of Paris in the Charles Michels Square, which, on the occasion, will be transformed to a tent camp. In warm and friendly atmosphere designers and restorer artists will show their works and professional skills to French public.

Among participants of the exhibition – around 100 exponents, these are talented masters from France, Africa, Asia and other corners of the world. Russian artists will be guests of honour this year, as 2017 was announced the year of Russia by organizers of the event.

"Village Violet" is not only an exhibition of high quality works, but also a wide-range cultural programme, national cuisine and open stage for music performances of artists, both known and those, who are going to be discovered.

Organizers of the Seventh International Exhibition of Arts and Crafts "Village Violet" are association "Un jour, un artisan..." acting through its president Jean-Claude Guillemot and mayor office of the 15th district of Paris.