Report about Sviatoslav Savkevich

29 March 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 22 March in Gdansk the 26th International Amber Seminar Amber (succinite): an intriguing resin" took place within the International Fair "Amberif".

The leading research associate of the Amber Museum Zoia Kostiashova, Polish researchers and scientists Dr hab. E.Wagner-Wysiecka, Prof. B.Kosmowska-Ceranowicz, N.Lukasik prepared and presented at the seminar a report "Sviatoslav Savkevich – the amber researcher", which was dedicated to the distinguished Soviet and Russian scientist, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences S.Savkevich (1930-2003). The author of the monograph "Amber" (1970), vice president of the All-Russian Mineralogical Society and founder of the working group on organic minerals within the International Mineralogical Society, that is currently headed by Dr Vavra from Austria. He also contributed to the creation of Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. He elaborated the conception of the scientific section and personally selected samples of amber of various form at the processing plant of the Amber Combine, which are still on display in the museum's exposition.