The Knowledge Day

2 September 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 2 September all day long there will be a quest "Mystery of the Fortress" on the museum's territory. Interesting tasks and tricky brain teasers will help both to have some fun time, and to learn more about the Dohna Tower and the sunstone. You can take part in the game as a team, or independently.

Attention! To participate in the game you are going to need a smartphone (one for a team) with any application that can read QR codes.

Participation in the quest is free of charge.

At 15.00 there is the quiz in the outer yard – answering questions on amber, children will be able to get some small souvenirs from the museum.

At 16.00 the youngest guests of the museum will be able to take part in the workshops.

Inquiries 53-82-19