"Faster, higher, stronger"

1 September 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 1 September at 15.00, traditional sports event "Faster, higher, stronger" takes place for students of schools and foster homes of the city and region in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. For participants – contests and competitions organized by the project partners (sports clubs and sections), concert programme, exhibition performances of the sport teams.

The event is dedicated to the Knowledge Day, it will be held on the museum's territory and aimed to promote the healthy lifestyle, various forms and kinds of sports competitions. Winners of the contests will get prizes and gifts.

Participation in the programme – by the prior registration
per tel. 53-82-19 or e-mail: prosvet@ambermuseum.ru.

Project partners:
Municipal Kaliningrad Institution "Civil Defense & Emergencies Authorities of Kaliningrad"
Swimming and life saving club of the I.Kant BFU
LLC "Aisberg-Aqua"
Club of the historical reconstruction "Wildenburg"
Regional Public Organization Federation of Taekwondo of Kaliningrad oblast
LLC "Center of Development of the Promising Cultural Directions"