"Alatyr 2017". Results of the jury work

30 June 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Over 100 artists from Austria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia presented 180 original works on the theme "Architectural Chronic of the World" for the contest.

Grand Prix of the amber biennial in Kaliningrad was awarded to the artist from Germany Susanne Elstner. She presented a necklace made of amber, selfmade coal and gold, called "Stonehenge – early time".

The contest works were considered by the jury consisting of:

Alexander Krylov (jury chairman) – honored artist of the Russian Federation, restorer of amber of the highest category. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Аndrey Gilodo – art historian, head of Department of Metal and Stone at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art (Moscow, Russia), expert of Russian Ministry of Culture, member of British Royal Society of Jewellery Historians, member of National Organization of Art Experts, honoured artworker of Russian Federation​. Moscow, Russia.

Irina Toropova – deputy director for research of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, art expert, expert of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, candidate of pedagogical sciences. Kaliningrad, Russia.

Andrzej Szadkowski – artist, professor of Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland), member of the Jewellers Association of the city Hanau (Germany), honorable member of the Association of Jewellery Forms Artist (Warsaw, Poland), member of the International Association of Amber Artists in Gdansk (Poland), member of the council of the International Competition of Young Jewellers "Image and Form" (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Lodz, Poland.

Juris Gagainis – professor, head of Metal and Design Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts, member of the Designers' Union of Latvia, member of the Artists' Union of Latvia  Riga, Latvia.

Bianca Cappello – historian and jewellery critic, teacher of History of Costume Jewellery at European Institute of Design (Milan, Italy) and Jewellery History at Galdus public goldsmiths school (Milan, Italy), member of British Royal Society of Jewellery Historians. Milan, Italy.

Mette Saabye – jeweller, designer, Boardmember of the Danish State Art Foundation for Crafts and Design. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having considered the contest works, the jury made a decision to award the following prizes:

Grand Prix:

Susanne Elstner, Germany – for the necklace "Stonehenge – early time", 2017 (amber, gold, selfmade coal).

In the category "Skills":


Stefania Luchetta, Italy – for the pendant "The city grows", 2017 (titanium, gold, amber).


Alexander Pecherskikh, Saint Petersburg, Russia – for the panel "Hare Island", 2017 (amber, mammoth tusk, mosaic).

In the category "Creation of Artistic Image":


Victoria Yaritskaya, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the necklace "Connection of times", 2017 (pressed amber, brass, leather lace).


1. Giorgio Chiarcos, Italy – for the brooch "Home", 2017 (gold, silver, steel, amber);

2. Zane Vilka, Latvia – for the brooch "Old Riga – Three brothers 2", 2017 (amber, silver, onyx).

In the category "Innovation"


Susanne Elstner, Germany – for the set consisting of: necklace "Stonehenge – early time", brooches "Cube – Architecture of modern times" and "Dome – Antiquity", 2017 (amber, gold, selfmade coal).


1. Dot Melanin, Idar-Oberstein (Germany), Tel-Aviv (Israel) – for the ring "The excommunication of Baruch Spinoza", 2017 (amber, silver, wood);

2. Tina Richter Petersen, Denmark – for the series of brooches "Good Old Amber (Gammelt ravelse)", 2016 (amber, nylon).

In the category "Golden Ring of Russia" dedicated to the 50th anniversary of organization of the world-wide famous tourists’ routes:


Ilya Ustyuzhanin, Yaroslavl, Russia – for the table decoration "Yaroslavl is a pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia as a city presented with church ensembles adjacent to the wooden architechture masterpieces in the time, when "Chaika" has already been in space", 2017 (amber, enamel, metal, diamond).


Vyacheslav Zavarzin, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the ring "Golden Ring" with the logo of the Golden Ring of Russia, 2017 (amber, gold).

In the category "Objects of Pilgrimage" dedicated to the oldest reason of traveling – to get closer to holy territories and buildings with the aim of spiritual renewal and worship to the sacred place:


Vitaly Papst, Germany and Aleksander Yuritsyn, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the vase "Evening walk through Samarkand", 2017 (laurel, golden madrone, amber, plated gold)


1. Elena Golotyak, Tolyatti, Russia – for the brooch "The Holy Way", 2017 (bronze, amber);

2. Janis Brants, Latvia – for the ring "Riga stained glass 2", 2017 (silver, amber).

Special Jury Diplomas:

Alexander Krylov awarded Igor Andryukhin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia for the sculpture "Crab", 2017 (copper, brass, amber) with his diploma "for the combination of forged metal and amber in a sculpture".

Аndrey Gilodo awarded Natalia Salnikova, Yaroslavl, Russia for the brooches "My precious city", 2017 (amber, cupronickel) with his diploma "for the interpretation of the image of the Golden Ring using amber".

Andrzej Szadkowski awarded Maria Tsoskunoglu, Denmark for the bracelet "Welcome!", 2016 (consists of 198 bracelets, amber, polyester string, paper) with his diploma "for the conceptual art idea uniting everyone".

Bianca Cappello awarded Jytte Kornbeck Løppenthin, Denmark for the brooche "Friendship", 2017 (amber, metal) with her diploma "for the ability to express poetry and the power of friendship".

Irina Toropova awarded Giorgio Chiarcos, Italy for the brooch "Una piazza per la vita", 2017 (gold, silver, amber) with her diploma "for creating an image, which is a symbol of the world culture".

Mette Saabye awarded Tina Richter Petersen, Denmark for the brooch №2 from series "Tracks & traces", 2017 (amber, metal, nylon) with her diploma "for the successful combination of manual work and new technologies and for the combination of colors and materials".

Juris Gagainis awarded Jurgita Erminaite, Lithuania for the object-box "Krikstas", 2017 (amber, wood, metal) with his diploma "for the idea full of historical traditions".

Special Diplomas from partners

Travel agancy "Yunona"
Zane Vilka, Latvia
"Old Riga – Three brothers"​
Janis Brants, Latvia
"Riga stained glass 2"​;

Creative association of Kaliningrad artists "Prussian Honey"
Ilya Ustyuzhanin, Russia
Table decoration "Yaroslavl is a pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia as a city presented with church ensembles adjacent to the wooden architechture masterpieces in the time, when "Chaika" has already been in space"

Emelyanov and Sons Amber and Redwood Manufactory, Director-General Aleksander Emelyanov
Guntis Lauders, Lithuania
Series of brooches "Colonnade"

Kaliningrad regional branch of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
Gennady Losets, Russia

Commercial manufacturing enterprise "Alk"
Viktoria Yaritskaya, Russia

Restaurant "Reduit"
Viktoria Yaritskaya, Russia

Kaliningrad magazine "Solemn Event"
Natalia Gagarina, Russia
Pendant "Evolution" from the series "Moscow City"


General media partner of the project – "Editorial board of the Russian Newspaper", Kaliningrad, branch manager Svetlana Pesotskaya

Partners of the project:

Evgeny Tatuzov, President of the Foundation "Development of Charitable Programs", Saint Petersburg, Russia
AO "Yantarniy Yuvelirprom", subsidiary of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, Interim Director-General Dmitry Kuznetsov
Media group "Western Press"
Kaliningrad magazine "Solemn Event"
Emelyanov and Sons Amber and Redwood Manufactory, Director-General Aleksander Emelyanov
Association of Manufacturers and Workers of the Amber Industry "Amber", chairman of the association Aleksander Emelyanov
Agricultural production cooperative "Flor" (Svetliy, Kaliningrad region) and flower shops chain "Rosa" (Kaliningrad), head Sergei Sereda
SP Andrei Trusov
SP Sergei Shishov
SP Svetlana Arutyunova
Creative association of Kaliningrad artists "Prussian Honey", head Lana Egorova
OOO "Königsland", Director-General Lyudmila Radionova
Chairman of the Kaliningrad Regional Organization of Writers Boris Bartfeld
Kaliningrad regional branch of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, chairman Aleksander Fyodorov
Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization of Entrepreneurs "Amber Union", chairman Mikhail Simukov
Travel agency "Yunona", director Svetlana Slepenok
Travel agency OOO "Amber Mosaic – Nadezhda", Director-General Karen Galstyan
Restaurant "Reduit", owner Rinat Zuparov
Commercial manufacturing enterprise "Alk", Director-General Yuriy Pedorenko
E.F. Svetlanov Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall, director Viktor Bobkov
Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theater, artistic director, honored worker of culture of Russia Mikhail Andreev
Research-and-production company "Alex", director Tatyana Gavrish

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