Action "Ask a Curator"

12 September 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

If you still do not have an account in Twitter or Instagram, it is the right time to create it, as on 12 September using a hashtag #askacurator you will be able to contact directly thousands of museums all over the world. Within 24 hours museum employees will answer the questions – about the collections, separate showpieces, details of the museum work.

Many Russian museums answer the questions on

To address curators of a concrete museum, you should just put its name in your message (for example, @ambermuseum) and hashtag #askacurator.

All day long, please, ask members of our team all kinds of questions as: how many showpieces is there in the museum, who can be hired to work in the museum, how do we choose items for an exhibition, or what would we take from our collection to a desert island. We will answer you!

The whole list of members of the action you can find: 

on the web-site  of the famous museum blogger and initiator of the action Mar Dixon;​

on the official pages of the Amber Museum in social networks: Twitter,, Facebook, Instagram.