Action for the National Unity Day

4 November 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 4 November, the National Unity Day is celebrated. This state celebration was founded to honour an extremely important occasion in the history of Russia – liberation of Moscow from Polish invaders in 1612 and is dated to the Day of the God's Mother Icon of Kazan.

On this occasion we will not only open the museum on a day-off, but also conduct guided-tour sessions to the viewing platform of the tower at 14.00 and 16.00. A reduced-price ticket for the guided-tour sessions – 50 rubles (number of tickets is limited).

Also on the National Unity Day, 4 November, the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum is inviting guests to take part in the All-Russian action "Support the National Arts and crafts".

On this day, there will be a Fair of Crafts organised in the museum outer yard, where guests will be able to observe masters and artists creating amber items. There will be also a souvenir zone, where products by Kaliningrad manufacturing companies – jewellery, interior compositions, and souvenirs – will be featured.

Those guests of the museum, who decide to support the all-Russian action, can take a photo with a showpiece they liked in the background, post in in social networks, and add the following hashtags #янтарьнашевсе, #калининградскаяобласть, #Россия.

The action organisers also exhort to purchase works of arts and crafts of your region, come to work, study, celebrations wearing original elements and accessories of national arts and crafts, or just publish posts on your favourite traditional style items in social media. The main goal of the action is to direct attention to the industry of Russian national arts and crafts.

Inquiries: 53-82-19.