Prices of tickets and services

Entire ticket price for the permanent and all temporary exhibitions:

  • Adults – 350 RUB;
  • Students, cadets – 250 RUB;
  • Schoolchildren – 150 RUB;
  • Retirees – 150 RUB.

Entire ticket price for the permanent and all temporary exhibitions with the Guest card:

  • Adults – 330 RUB;
  • Students, cadets – 240 RUB;
  • Schoolchildren – 140 RUB;
  • Retirees – 140 RUB.

Ticket price for a temporary exhibition in the "Maroon" hall:

  • Adults – 100 RUB;
  • Students, cadets – 70 RUB;
  • Schoolchildren – 50 RUB;
  • Retirees – 50 RUB.

Ticket price for a temporary exhibition in the hall "Basement":

  • Adults – 100 RUB;
  • Students, cadets – 70 RUB;
  • Schoolchildren – 50 RUB;
  • Retirees – 50 RUB.

Ticket price for parents with children of the preschool or school age:

for the permanent exposition and all exhibitions – 700 RUB

In the ticket office, you can buy a visiting certificate. It is valid for two persons. The price is 700 RUB.

Last Wednesday of every month is the day of the reduced-price admission for persons who reached the retirement (the document should be shown). Ticket price is 20 RUB.

Last Sunday of every month – day of the free admission for students and persons under the age of 18.*

* Full-time and part-time students, as well as ISIC holders.



Audio-guides* are available for rent at the museum's ticket office. There are four languages – Russian, English, German, Polish.
Service price – 150 RUB.

* Please, pay your attention to the fact that the number of audio-guides is limited.


Free admission

Free tickets can be provided in case the confirming documents are shown.

Free admission is provided to following categories:

  • Heroes of the Soviet Union;
  • Heroes of the Russian Federation;
  • Herous of the Socialist Laboour;
  • Full Cavaliers of the Order of Labour Glory
  • Veterans and disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
  • Homefront Workers;
  • Disabled persons of the groups I and II with one attendant;
  • Persons disabled since childhood with one attendant;
  • Residents of Blockaded Leningrad;
  • Former under-age prisoners of concentration camps, ghetto an other detention facilities created by fascists and their allies during the Second World War;
  • Orphaned children and children left without parents' custody, who live in foster homes and orphan boarding-schools;
  • Large families;
  • Children of the pre-school age;
  • Children of the school age visiting museum on the day of reduced-price attendance or being in the depriving background;
  • Students of art schools, children's schools of arts and institutions of art vocational secondary education;
  • Full-time students of artistic institutions of higher education;
  • Members of artistic creative unions: Union of Russian Artists, Union of Moscow Artists, Union of Saint Petersburg Artists, Union of Russian Designers, Union of Russian Architects;
  • Employees of museums of the Russian Federation;
  • Member od Russian Military History Society;
  • Members of the Community Council;
  • Citizens living in state social institutions;
  • Guides and guides-interpreters certified by the Ministry for Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad oblast;
  • Peacekeeping soldiers, war veterans (the Chechen Republic, Afghanistan, the Syrian Arab Republic);
  • Persons exposed to the radiation as result of the disaster at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station;
  • Special guests from ministries and departments of the Russian Federation by invitations;
  • ICOM members;
  • Servicemen – military students, cadets, military persons (soldiers and marines) doing call-up military service.

* All documents are shown with originals, after checking originals are given back to the applicant. The shown documents should be valid on the visiting day. In case of absence of the needed documents, the Museum does not have the right to grant the exemption, the right to reduced-price or free attendance. 
Other group of citizens entitled to benefits can use the privilege to receive the service by the cultural and educational institution required by the Law of the Russian Federation. 
Free or reduced-price attendance of the museum is applicable only to the entry tickets. Guided-tour service, consults, lectures, educational sessions and other services are provided on the usual terms.

Guided tour service

Guided tours are made as individually, so for groups up to 25 persons.

  • Russian language group guided tour for up to 5 persons – 1000 RUB;
  • Foreign language group guided tour for up to 5 persons – 1400 RUB

Guided-tour service for groups from 6 persons:

  • 200 rubles for each guest – in Russian;
  • 300 rubles for each guest – in foreign language.

Prices of the guided tour service are given without admission fee.