Accessible Museum

We try to make visiting the museum for people with disabilities as comfortable as possible. Workers of the museum are always ready to render the needed help. Regarding the excursion service, please call 8 (4012) 53-82-19.

The museum building is equipped with ramps. Entrance door and door to the sanitary and hygienic room are equipped with automatic opening systems. A specially equipped toilet is located in the museum's lobby on the ground floor.

For visitors with locomotor disabilities

There is a lifting platform to the first floor of the museum's exposition for people with locomotor disabilities including people who use wheelchairs. The lift was constructed having considered all technical capabilities of the building and installed in the central stair well. It can be also used by senior visitors, families with little children etc.

Everybody can also use rollators, special devices that make going on foot easier. They are kept at the exposition on the first floor. There are 3 rollators available.

For acoustically challenged visitors

In the museum lobby, there is an information kiosk with the virtual tour through the museum, which can be used by hearing impaired people.

Ticket office and cloakroom are equipped with audio loops aimed to make communication between acoustically challenged visitors and museum's workers more comfortable. There is also excursion equipment (receivers and transmitters) for hearing impaired people for 10 persons in the museum.

For visually challenged visitors

In the area in front of the museum's entrance, there is a stand with information on the museum's working hours duplicated in Braille letters. There is also a staff call button on the stand.

A stand with a mnemonic scheme of the ground floor of the building fixed on it is set in the museum's hall. The whole information on it is duplicated in Braille letters.

It is allowed to enter museum with a guide dog accompanying a visually impaired guest.

Guided tours with audio descriptions using tactile maquette of the Dohna Tower, tactile models of some show pieces are available. The guided tour includes a workshop in amber working in the "Workshop of an Amber Artist".

The museum conducts visiting educational and playing sessions "Sun in the Palms" for visually impaired children. They are held with the use of multi-format books that include pages with relief illustrations of some key show pieces from the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum's collection supplemented with inscriptions in plain text and duplicated in Braille letters, and also samples of amber of various level of treatment (polished amber, raw amber).


Special project "Museum in the Magic Book", created on the grant of the President of the Russian Federation, allows to show 3D virtual copies of 30 unique museum show pieces in distant from the regional centre places, including children's educational and recreational institutions, at exhibitions and presentations.

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