Virtual exhibition of works of the laureates of the First Regional Biennial of Photography to the memory of Mia Brachert

Event duration:
from 09 to 22 February 2015

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum presents works of the laureates of the First Regional Biennial of Photography to the memory of Mia Brachert.​ In the category "Colour realistic photography" the jury selected by general consent the picture by Andrey Schulz, in the category "Creative interpretation of the object's image" – by Maxim Obolensky.

The First Regional Biennial of Photography to the memory of Mia Brachert is aimed to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the region. Wife of the famous German sculptor Hermann Brachert left a mark in the history as a photographer, in whose professional biography process of the creative reproduction of amber artworks had the key place.​

Eight photographers took part in the contest. 22 works were presented to the judgment of the jury. All authors made pictures – colour or black-and-white – of the one art piece "Mask" created in 2004 by the Kaliningrad artist Igor Brasyunas (1955 – 2004).

Information about laureates:
Maxim Obolensky
Born in 1980. Engaged in photography for 20 years. It is his hobby, he participated in various All-Russian contests. Practices portrait, object, advertising photography.

Andrey Schulz
Born in 1964. Fond of photography for 2 years –​ it is his hobby. Participation in the regional biennial is his first experience.

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