Exhibition "Awakening"

Event duration:
from 26 February 2021 to 4 April 2021

Traditionally, since 2012, every spring students and teachers of Department of Decorative and Applied Arts at the College of Entrepreneurship (until 2019 – Kaliningrad Artistic and Industrial College) present their works in the museum. 

In 2021, the Amber Museum has proposed the the College to change format of the exhibition and show jewellery and lapidary items, not only from amber, but also from other materials, deciding not to demonstrate folk arts and crafts and icons. The exhibition is going to become another step of the future artists towards the profession of jeweller.

The display will be completed with pictures of students in the working process in the workshops, during participation in master classes and in the art and educational project "Jewellery Design: Naturns, Italy – Kaliningrad, Russia", that gave Kaliningrad young artists the opportunity to undertake a study-trip to Italy, and to Italian students to come to Kaliningrad.

You can have a look at the works by young artists until 4 April.

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