"Collection in the Space of Culture"

Event duration:
from 18 to 21 September 2017

Collection as a socio-cultural phenomenon and collecting as a way of opening up the world and development of person’s cognitive abilities have been known since ancient times. Their peculiar interpretation and historically determined forms of representation are suggested within each era. Formation, conservation, study and displaying of collection in contemporary culture involve a number of issues that are common to museums of various specialties and different departmental identity, as well as to private museums and collectors. The participants of the Conference "Collection in the Space of Culture" are invited to discuss collection as an important source for the development of culture, education and scholarship, consider topical issues of the history of collections and collecting, critically rethink existing approaches to the interpretation of collections, share experience of working with collections, and present the research results.

Conference focus area: museology, cultural studies, history of arts, history of science.

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