International Scientific and Practical Conference "Amber and its Imitations"

Event duration:
on 27 June 2013

International Scientific and Practical Conference "Amber and its Imitations: kinds of imitations, producing methods, collections"


Ministry of Culture of Kaliningrad oblast

Kaliningrad Amber Museum

Subjects for consideration:

  1. Classification of amber imitations.
  2. Methods of imitation producing.
  3. Imitations in state museum collections.
  4. Private amber imitation collections.
  5. Imitations – threat to amber market.
  6. Imitations at trade shows and fairs.
  7. Methods of imitation recognition, identification.

Within the conference it is planned:

  1. Excursion to the Kaliningrad Amber Combine.
  2. Admission to the Kaliningrad amber processing companies.

Official languages of the conference: Russian and English.

Conference Committee: 

Tatiana Suvorova, director of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum
Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz, Prof. Dr., Museum of the Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw  
Boris Vorotnikov,
candidate of chemical sciences, A.P., the Kaliningrad State Technical University
Elena Belichenko, candidate of geological sciences, Ukrainian State Gemological Center, Kiev
Andranik Manukyan, candidate of biological sciences, senior research associate of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum
Zoya Kostyashova,
leading research associate of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum, curator of the conference

Time frames of the conference preparation:

- until 1 April 2013 – acceptance of applications and reports for the conference,
- until 15 May 2013 – sending of invitations and conference program

To participate in the conference, it is necessary to e-mail application form as given below to the Organizing Committee.


for participants of the conference “Amber and its imitations” 
(Kaliningrad, 27 June 2013)


Name and surname      
Academic degree, title       
Represented organization, official capacity  
Participant’s address  
Title of the report  
Required equipment (video, multimedia projector, etc.)  
Hotel booking (note: class, room category, dates)  
Additional information  

Based on results of the conference it is planned to publish proceedings. Articles to the report subject are to be sent to the Organizing Committee until 1 September 2013.

Requirements for execution of publications:

Articles should be sent electronically in Word format (.doc, .docx), the suggested length up to 20000 characters with spaces (5-6 pages with Times New Roman, 14 points with line spacing 1,5 line) in Russian or English. Files with illustrations (up to 5) can be added to the article. Prelims are made according to the acceptable in Russia standards.

We ask You to send applications for the conference and articles addressed to the leading research associate of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum Zoya Kostyashova to:

The Organizing Committee retains the right to decline reports that do not follow the subject of the conference. 

Registration fee is not taken from conference participants.

The Organizing Committee

The event is part of the annual project or biennial

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